Track and Insight

Form and survey

●User-friendly and flexible form builder - easy to configure questionnaires or forms all by yourself, e.g. registration forms, customer surveys.

●Omni-channel publishing - you can embed a form into a H5 page, an email, or social media site, using a QR code and a short link.

●Data analysis - able to perform a multi-dimensional analysis of data collected.

●Enrichment of customer profiles - profiles can be automatically tagged and segmented based on information provided by customers.

●Personalized marketing - enjoy auto respond personalized emails, displaying a campaign page or assigning tasks to internal employees based on type of customer.

Channel QR

●Channel ROI analysis - embed a channel QR into websites, articles, offline posters and other materials to track the source of followers thereby helping marketers to determine the pros-and-cons of each channel.

●Personalized reply - enables you are able to set different reply content for followers from different channels and set dynamic content (e.g. the customer's name) in the reply, for a personalized customer experience.

●Auto tagging - unique tags are attached automatically to followers who scan the QR from different channels.

Behavior Tracking

●Website behavior tracking - after embedding a piece of script on your site, Knight automatically collects behavioral data such as pages browsed by users, content downloaded and online form completion, among other.

●Social behavior tracking - connect with social media platforms to track interactive behavior of your followers.

●Marketing content tracking - marketing content produced on the Knight platform, (e.g. emails, SMS, forms) will have user interaction such as opening, reading, and clicking automatically recorded.

●External landing page tracking - Knight can generate links with source information for external H5 landing pages, user access and behavior (e.g. sharing) able to be tracked and analyzed.

Customer Insight

●Knight helps you to profile your customers based on customer attributes and behaviors.

●With characteristics able to be extracted from individual customer profiles, Knight helps marketers to create and analyze segmentation of customers with the same characteristics, and establish appropriate marketing strategies.

●Improve marketing conversion by being able to execute personalized and scenario-based marketing strategies with accurate customer segmentation.

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