Sales Collaboration

Lead Scoring

●Lead scoring - once you configure your lead scoring rules, Knight will automatically score the leads based on customer attributes and customer behavior.

●Scoring matrix - establish a customer value matrix model based on lead scores and segment your customers accordingly to guide Sales follow-up strategies.

Sales Business Card

●Establish a communication bridge between sales and customers through WeChat Work. Interactions and sales collected data will be recorded on a customer data platform.

●Embed sales business card in marketing content to allow high-intention potential customers to find sales directly, thereby achieving seamless collaboration between marketing and sales and establishing a connection between sales and customers.

●Enabbles enterprises to display information uniformly and enhance credibility in the market place.

Collaborative Marketing

●Sales can share marketing articles, event posters and other content with WeChat customers with one simple click. Such material could prove a useful way to open a communication with potential customers.

●Allow enterprises to assign sharing tasks to sales and monitor distribution ROI.

Customer Radar

Automatically push customer behavior to sales, to help sales determine customer needs and identify high-intention customers. No business opportunity is missed.

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