Customer Data Platform

Connect all your customer touch points, and identify and merge customer data
to form a unified customer profile.

  • 正品保障-对勾 WeChat
  • 正品保障-对勾 Website
  • 正品保障-对勾 EDM
  • 正品保障-对勾 SEM
  • 正品保障-对勾 Traffic Ads
  • 正品保障-对勾 Social Media
  • 正品保障-对勾 Content Marketing

Channel Monitor

●Connect data islands from each touch point to realize one-stop omni-channel monitoring.

●Trace the source of customer acquisition across different channels, allowing you to monitor full path data from ad delivery to response so that you can use data-driven decision strategies to find the best time and channel to reach customers.

●Based on customer behavior of each channel, allows marketers to see the true role of customer conversion and what is driving it.

Campaign ROI

Knight helps you to integrate and manage scattered marketing content, and it allows you to track the effect of each campaign operation, analyze the impact of each action and to form a clear view of what has impacted customer conversion. Your marketing team will subsequently be able to adjust strategy in a timely manner.

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