Marketing Automation


●Easily construct attractive emails with pre-set templates and modules.

●Dynamic content - insert dynamic parameters into the subject and body of an email such as a customer's name or other personal information to effect a warm and friendly vibe.

●In-mail call-to-action (CTA) - insert CTA buttons, links, or identifiable QR codes into emails to monitor and improve email conversion rate.

●EDM analysis - analyze EDM performance such as email opening rate, click rate, etc. at the same time as assessing the CTA click rate for different locations, allowing for improvement in the design of email content.

●Email marketing automation - in concert with journey builder, launch targeted EDM campaigns or design a EDM journey that would be triggered by a special customer activity.


●Dynamic content - insert parameters into the SMS content such as customer name, title, company etc. to personalize the commuication experience.

●Short link - generate a short link and insert it into an SMS and track and analyze the link click rate.

●SMS marketing automation - send birthday wishes, seasonal promotion messages on a specific date, or send registration confirmation messages and attendance reminders at different stages of a marketing campaign.


●Targeted group sending - personalized articles, images, template messages can be delivered to specific customers.

●Personalized menu - customize menus for different genders, regions and tags, or even incorporate language options to suit global marketing needs.

●Auto reply - support automatic reply in different interactive scenes such as follow reply and keyword reply. You can also automatically tag followers when they trigger a keyword reply.

●WeChat golden 48-hour marketing - for followers who interact with your WeChat public account within 48 hours, they are available for a personalized marketing journey with no messaging limitations. Don't waste it!


●Integrated channels - push different marketing content to customers with different characteristics by means of integrated channels (e.g. WeChat, email, SMS, sales) to achieve personalized communication at that critical moment.

●Customzied your workflow - with the help of an customzied workflow editor, once you pre-set the marketing workflow, Knight will complete the rest for you.

●ROI analysis - monitor process execution in real time, analyze the conversion rate for each process node, and assist marketers to make timely adjustments to their strategies.

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