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The volume of imported wine in the domestic market has been growing steadily over recen years. Originally, imported wine was mainly targeted at middle to high-income customers and the social elite. However, in recent years, foreign wine culture has become to young consumers chasing the new latest trend. Given this market dynamic, wine importers need to target new consumer groups and use new channels to do so.

Pain points

1. The traditional multi-level dealer sales model had resulted in the brand not being able to connect directly with end consumers, and as such, was unable to construct its own traffic pool.

2. The brand's official WeChat account lacked an effective method of interaction resulting in a low follower retention rate and inactive followers.

3. The lack of an optimal membership loyalty program led to room for improvement in retention and repurchase rates.

4. The management of brand promotion staff was less than optimal.



1. Utilizing a QR code on product packaging and the personal QR code of the sales assistant, the brand was able to develop and own its traffic pool for the purpose of ongoing customer interaction.

2. The consumer's journey starts with a follow-up welcome message that encourages new followers to interact more with the brand's public Wechat account. These lifecycle journeys have subsequently helped the brand to identify the interests of followers according to their behavioral feedback and subsequently to automatically tag them.

3. The Brand has developed a more comprehensive membership loyalty program that guides new followers to register as members so that more consumer information can be obtained.

4. Integration with 1:1 product QRs, e-shop mini-programs and consumption data from major e-commerce platforms has allowed the brand to build three-dimensional consumer profiles and subsequently to achieve comprehensive and accurate coverage.

5. The brand has been able to make the brand more attractive and vital in the marketplace by using scene-based and exact content marketing from public WeChat accounts, the right content is being pushed at the right time to the right target market.

6. The brand has aggressively expanded its marketing strategies, including initiatives such as gift cards, to encourage greater interaction with followers, thereby shortening the path from interest to making a purchase in the process.

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