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Companies within the B2B sector usually have a smaller user base and a longer decision making cycle. A lot of marketing effort is required to take a lead to a deal.So how can B2B business improve their marketing performance so that they cangenerate more marketing qualified leads (MQL) while working under the constraint of fixed marketing investment.This has become an issue that many B2B business need to urgently solve.

Pain points

1. Customer acquisition channels are scattered and as such data from those different channels cannot be managed in a unified manner.

Online and offline customer acquisition channels are fragmented. It is proving difficult to collect customer data using traditional methods such as by exchanging business cards or scanning personal Wechat QR codes.

2. Unable to evaluate quality and status of leads.

There is no systematic unified management of leads obtained from the different channels, thereby leading to a void of information with respect to customer identities and behavior patterns. Furthermore, there is no clear definition of what constitutes a marketing qualified lead (MQL).

3. Unable to take into account different concerns of customers at different stages with superficial marketing interaction.

Lack the ability to construct customer profiles largely due to a lack of customer data to form such a profile.

4. Marketing tasks are performed manually with the execution process unable to be appropriately managed and monitored.

There is a lack of planning for customer journeys and statistical analysis of marketing performance, leading to an inability to optimize performance.


1. Integrated channels to reach customers

We provide data integgration and marketing operation solutions for commonly used channels in B2B marketing scenarios, e.g. official websites, EDM, offline exhibitions, WeChat service accounts and WeChat mini-programs. Customer information and behavior data are collected by means of tracking script, forms, and third-party system integration and collated to form a unified customer profile to help enterprises build their own lead pools.

2. Customized lifecycle journeys, personalized content marketing, and automatic leads nurturing

Customer identities from different touch points, along with complete behavior paths are identified and merged. Using these data to determine a customer's stage/status change, personalized journeys are created to enhance the conversion of leads into sales.

3. Lead scoring and unearthing high-quality leads

Scoring potential customers based on explicit and implicit dimensions helps marketers to identify truly valuable potential customers. Only the best quality leads are followed up so as to achieve more with limited marketing resources.

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