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The launch of the “Belt and Road” Initiative has seen Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries target Chinese investment in their real estate markets. For example, in 2017, the Thai real estate market saw US$2.17 billion of foreign investment, one third of which came from Mainland China and Hong Kong. For Southeast Asian real estate brands trying to break into the Chinese market, word of mouth and brand awareness are the keys to success.

Pain points

1. As marketing channels are scattered, brands cannot effectively track the source of leads and analyze the effectiveness of each channel.

2. There is lack of marketing methods to follow up potential customers after the first interaction between sales agents and customers, which is a total waste of lead resources.

3. Leads data still depends on manual input, with incumbent low efficiency and high error rates.

4. The operation of WeChat service accounts has become routine and somewhat distant to customers, resulting in poor retention of followers and a low rate of articles being read.



1. Use channel QR codes to track sources of offline touch points and collect followers into a WeChat service account. Build the brand's own customer pool and realize online follow-up in response to offline traffic. Also, at the same time, automatically mark followers with tags to track channel impact.

2. It is extremely important for sales to obtain customer to better understand customer buying psychology. Using questionnaire/form functionality, both offline visitor registration and online forms submitted by followers on social media channels can be automatically collated into a unified customer data platform to ensure complete preservation of customer information.

3. Tag potential customers according to dimensions such as demographic, personality, and activity, among others, to build a three-dimensional customer profile. Such customer profiles enable personalized marketing content to be pushed to potential customers thereby improving the marketing content response rate.

4. For existing customers who have already purchased property, let them speak for the brand through the use of refined operations. For example, propagation campaigns can be executed on social media to promote the experience of existing customers, which will effectively spread brand reputation and enhance brand awareness.

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