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Social media is becoming the main battlefield for digital marketing by luxury brands with more and more luxury brands beginnig to focus on localized content marketing, membership services and customization in an effort to stay closer to consumers.

Pain points

1. Lack of effective and deep interaction between brands and consumers. Pushing content indifferently will not generate the desired conversion rate.

2. Lack of a customer data management system has led to the fragmentation of online and offline customer data.

3. The establishment of a membership system and the accumulation of points cannot bring high-value, high-loyalty members unless the members are effectively engaged and encouraged to remain active.



1. Seamlessly connect online and offline services. Equip stores with large interactive screens for the purpose of product display, trying-on items and social sharing. Consumers could follow a WeChat service account and mini programs at the same time to build the important online connection.

2. Use a shop sales application to establish a communication bridge between shop sales and consumers. Luxury brands can train shop sales on how to maintain customer relationships at the same time as using automated marketing tools to capture customer behaviors and assigning marketing tasks to related sales.

3. Collate online and offline customer data into a unified customer data platform to form a 360° customer profile.

4. After developing comprehensive customer profiles, tailor the marketing content to suit the taste of different customer segments or tags in order to increase customer activity.

5. Provide exclusive member services such as customization, maintenance/repair, trying on in-store to brand members through WeChat mini-programs to enhance customer experience at the same time as directing members to offline stores and improving the rate of sotre deal conversion.

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