A New Way to

Improve Your Conversion Rate!


Track visitors behavior to find the most suitable marketing channel

●Monitor the effectiveness of marketing activities across channels by analyzing the exposure, access, and user acquisition of marketing content across those different channels.

●Integrate all touch point data from different user path ways. (e.g. official website, Wechat, email, content marketing, exhibitions) to achieve cross-channel attribution.

●Compare customer acquisition and conversion effects of each channel, allowing marketing strategies to be optimized in a timely manner.

Activate - turn traffic into leads

Quickly obtain customer information without letting traffic go to waste

●Online form - automatically collate the information when a customer completes an online form and add the customer to the contact list. Knight supports different types of forms to suit various marketing scenarios, such as advertising landing page, official website registration, event registration, etc.

●Identifiable QR code - embed a QR code in emails, articles, offline materials etc. to monitor call-to-action activities. Furthermore, scanning of the QR code will enable customer identities from different channels to be merged.

●Web tracking - anonymous visits/access activities are recorded to better determine customer product preferences.

Operate - interact and attract

A personalized journey

●Content - use the visual content builder to create and publish personalized marketing content for various channels including email, SMS and WeChat.

●Target - segment customers based on multi-dimensional customer profiles allowing for targeted marketing conten to be developed for different customer segments.

●Automated workflow - per-set customer experience path in accordance with individual customer behavior and let the system complete the rest of the work automatically!

Convert - marketing and sales collaboration

Avoid handovers between teams and create a seamless customer experience

●Lead scoring - access a scoring system that takes into account customer attributes and behavior to help sales and marketing to determine high-quality leads.

●Sales business card - embed sales business card in marketing content to allow high-intention customers to find sales directly.

●Collaborative marketing - enables Sales to get real time activity notification once a potential customer opens industrial marketing content.


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Content and Campaign

  • Form and survey
  • EDM
  • SMS
  • Website tracking
  • Campaign


  • Marketing Automation
  • Auto tagging
  • Auto segmentation


  • Group messaging
  • Promotion QR
  • Auto reply
  • Custom menu
  • Real-time message

Customer Insight

  • Customer Insight
  • Source and tracking

Knight Guarantee

Trust and Security is our first priority

Has passed multiple international safety certifications such as ISO 27001 and CSA STAR

SSL encryption and database encryption

Multi-layer service agreements and a total commitment to confidentiality

Rigorous internal process controls to ensure the security and integrity of platform data